Make a Donation

There are many ways you can help AVA. 95% of the money we get through adoptions and donations goes towards care for the animal!

We must express a huge heart-felt thanks to the individuals who give their time and money to support AVA. We would not be able to continue our work without your ongoing support.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, really makes a difference!

Wet food, litter, pet carriers, scratching posts and other supplies are always in need. During May to October we have a high need for kitten supplies: Kitten wet food, non-clumping litter, and powdered formula. Contact us to find out what supplies are in most need at our different adoption centres.

Financial: AVA relies predominately on private donations to pay for the costs of animal care, include veterinary expenses and food, as well as to support the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program. Make a donation on behalf of someone, in lieu of a birthday present or in memory of a loved one. AVA will send a card to the individual or family.

A cat food drive is a great alternative or addition to a traditional birthday party!

  • $15 a month sponsors a feral cat in an outdoor colony for a month
  • $20 a month sponsors a special needs foster cat awaiting adoption
  • $25 de-worming of one kitten
  • $35 one set of vaccines for a cat or kitten
  • $50 antibiotic injection for a cat
  • $75 neutering of one cat
  • $80 one X-ray for diagnosis
  • $100 buys a humane trap
  • $150 spays one cat
  • $200 pays for blood work for one animal
  • $300 pays for teeth cleaning
  • $500 pays for minor dental work
  • $1000 pays for major dental work

Donate to AVA

Donate to AVA online with and recive an instant tax receipt f0r donations over $20.

Donate to AVA by mail by completing our donation form and mailing it to AVA with your cheque or money order. A tax receipt will be mailed to you for donations over $20.

P.O. Box 18233 RPO Steeple Hill
Pickering ON L1V 0B8 (CANADA)

Make a donation on behalf of someone, in lieu of a present or In Memory of a loved one and AVA will send a card to the individual or family.

Donate Your “End of Life” Vehicle

CharityCar, in conjunction with GreenVehicleDisposal accepts donations of old vehicles on behalf of registered charities and turns that old car into a tax deduction.